Competitions: a blog traffic magnet

A competition gives something back to your existing readers -- and attracts others

Want to know how I built the traffic for my Small bust, big heart blog from 0-2250 visitors per month — all in the space of four months?

The first rule is content. Not meaningless words, barely coherent blather, streams of consciousness, inarticulate waffle or ill thought-out filler. Quality, targeted, information-rich, user-orientated, high-value content. And once the content has ticked all those boxes, it goes without saying that it’s well-written, readable and approachable — and speaks the language of its primary audience.

That’s why it makes my skin crawl when I see blog writing gigs advertised for $10 a post. If you want quality, you should pay a sum that’s fit for a quality writer. But maybe that’s another post.

OK, so content is King. But what other gems can I share with you about growing a blog audience? Competitions are sticky! They have the power to attract record numbers of visitors to a blog. It took 16 days for the recent competition on my Small bust, big heart blog to attract 300 page views and get 24 entries. Daily traffic levels to the blog have taken a ten per cent hike since the competition began.

Want a piece of the action? I’ve got a few hot tips on how to promote a competition, so listen up:

  • Get the competition listed on competition sites like Loquax, UK Wins and The Prize Finder
  • Flag up the competition on Twitter and your Facebook Fan Page — do this frequently but not ‘ad nauseam’
  • Announce the competition on relevant forums — I let readers know about my competition at forums hosted by You & Your Wedding, Female First and The Lingerie Post (but make sure you don’t infringe any of the forum’s rules)
  • Post about the competition on relevant blogs

If you have other tips about how to promote blog competitions, I’d love to hear from you.

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